AQ Skin Solutions Lash & Brow Enhancement System

AQ Skin Solutions Lash & Brow Enhancement System

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Lash & Brow Enhancement System has been specially designed to promote longer, thicker and stronger eyelashes using AQ's patented Growth Factor formula. 

Targeting the root follicles of both the eyelashes and brow hairs, this completely natural eyelash formula restores health and vitality by encouraging hair matrix production. 

Lash & Brow Enhancement System helps to achieve a natural and fuller lash look, with less breakage and without the undesirable effects associated with other lash enhancing products. 

Directions for use: Cleanse the face and apply to clean dry, lashes and brows. Apply one droplet from the bottle to the applicator (supplied) and starting from the inner corned of the eye, sweep in a single stroke across the roots of the eyelashes and the brows. Repeat two - three times and discard applicator after use.